Blackpool Best Things To Do For A Great Day Out

Visiting Blackpool, UK? Here’s an insider’s guide to the top Blackpool Things To Do


Are you looking for a fun and exciting place to take a break? Look no further than Blackpool, England! Blackpool attractions are known throughout the UK. There are lots of things to do in Blackpool.

Blackpool is a vibrant and bustling seaside town located on the Irish Sea in Lancashire. With its sandy beaches, stunning coastline, and a host of attractions, Blackpool is a great place to visit for a relaxing holiday or an exciting day out. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly holiday, a romantic weekend away, or a night out on the town, Blackpool has something to offer everyone!

This article will provide the top things to do in Blackpool and some of the best Blackpool attractions for a day out or a holiday. Get ready to explore the best of Blackpool!

The mid-1800s saw a surge in tourism to Blackpool, thanks to the completion of a railway and several piers, which made it a popular destination for the wealthy. From then on, the resort grew rapidly, with various holiday accommodations and Blackpool attractions popping up every year. Today, Blackpool is still a vibrant and lively UK seaside resort, with more attractions, Blackpool is a lively seaside resort with a focus on entertainment.

There are lots of things to do in Blackpool, no matter what age you are. Wherever you’d like to go or whatever activity you’d like to do, you can find it in Blackpool! You can take a tranquil stroll along the extensive sandy beaches or explore the many tourist attractions and sources of entertainment. Additionally, one can mingle with the masses on the traditional Promenade. Blackpool offers something for everyone!

I have outlined the must-see attractions in Blackpool for visitors with limited time, but there is plenty to keep you busy for a week or longer. So if you are spending a few days in Blackpool, these are the Blackpool things to do you should definitely not miss!


The top things to do in Blackpool include:


The Iconic Blackpool Tower

Best things to do in Blackpool
Image taken by Mark mc neill

A renowned landmark situated in the city of Blackpool; the Blackpool Tower stands out as an iconic structure located in the area.


Discover the most extraordinary Blackpool Attractions!

The top of my list of Blackpool things to do must be Blackpool Tower. It is one of the most famous Blackpool attractions on offer. You cannot visit Blackpool without visiting the famous tower. The Blackpool Tower stands at the core of Blackpool town on the promenade, and is widely known as one of Britain’s most famous attractions. At its opening in 1894, it was the tallest structure built by man in the UK, and its distinguished design was inspired by the Eiffel Tower, rising to a height of 518 feet (158 m).

During the day, the Blackpool Tower is a hub of entertainment with five main attractions. At night, the tower is illuminated by 25,000 LED lights, making it visible from afar. Generally, these lights are used decoratively, but they are sometimes changed to certain colours to support charities or to show support or sympathy.

The Blackpool Tower holds five experiences: Blackpool Tower Eye, Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Tower Ballroom, the Tower Circus, and the Fifth Floor. You can find a variety of ticket combinations allowing you to visit any or all of these. Additionally, there is a restaurant and mini golf.


The Blackpool Tower Eye

The Blackpool Tower Eye is a popular attraction in Blackpool that offers panoramic views of the seaside resort and the Lake District. Visitors can take in the sights of the area from the top of the tower, which stands at a height of 518 feet.

Begin your Blackpool Tower Eye experience by heading to the 4D cinema to discover the Tower’s and the town’s history. Take the lift 380 feet up where you can appreciate the breathtaking sights of the northwest of England, the Irish Sea, and all the way to the Lake District.

On a clear day, you can observe the Isle of Man! For the daring, there is the SkyWalk – a glass walkway just 5 cm thick – where you can look down upon the people on the promenade from an elevated position. At the Sky High Cocktail bar (Bar 380) you can pause for a drink while you’re up there.


Blackpool Tower Dungeon

If you are looking for fun things to do in Blackpool, then you must visit the popular dungeon. The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is an attraction that offers visitors a journey through history, filled with humour and scares. An immersive experience, the dungeon brings to life the history and legends of the area, allowing visitors to explore the dark ages and witness tales of torture and punishment. With a mix of live actors, special effects and interactive sets, the dungeon provides a unique experience that is sure to both thrill and entertain.

The tour is designed to be humorous yet frightening, though younger kids may find certain parts too frightening. At the end of the visit, there is a drop ride.


The Famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Blackpool things to do

The ballroom located at the Blackpool Tower is renowned for its beauty and has been a popular venue for dancing and social events since it was built over a century ago. It has been the backdrop of countless cherished memories and it continues to be a major attraction.

If you’re not a fan of spooky dungeons, you may prefer an afternoon of tea and dancing at the iconic Tower Ballroom. This hallowed hall, which is used each year to shoot a special episode of England’s Strictly Come Dancing, is remarkable on the inside, boasting a Wurlitzer organ, a sprung dance floor, stunning architecture, and beautiful crystal chandeliers.

One of the best activities to do in Blackpool is to visit the Blackpool Tower Ballroom.


The Blackpool Tower Circus

Blackpool attractions

If you are looking for Blackpool things to do and have kids, then you must visit the Blackpool Tower Circus. The renowned Blackpool Tower Circus has been delighting audiences for years. It is a place of amazement and wonder, providing entertainment for all ages. Its breathtaking performances combine thrilling acrobatics and daring acts with humour, music, and exotic animals. The incredible show has been a source of joy and pleasure to people from all walks of life.

Located at the bottom of the Blackpool Tower, the Blackpool Tower Circus provides entertainment for the whole family. It has been going since 1894 and is the oldest permanent circus arena in existence. The show has performers from all over, and the audience can take in the impressive structure of the Tower while watching. Additionally, some of the top row seats provide a spectacular aerial view of the ring.


The Fifth Floor

The Fifth Floor is family-friendly bar. It offers a circus-inspired arcade and Blackpool’s only 8K Virtual Reality Rollercoaster, plus free live entertainment each weekend.


Blackpool Piers

blackpool things to do
Image taken by Mark mc neill

The skyline of Blackpool is marked with three Victorian piers – North, Central and South – connecting together to form the Golden Mile along the coast.

If you have the time, it can be enjoyable to explore the various piers, as no two are alike. It takes 35 minutes to complete the Golden Mile trek, you can easily spend an afternoon visiting all three!


Blackpool North Pier

The North Pier is the most senior of the three. Built in 1893, it has been awarded Grade II listed status. It is most favoured by young families and includes a Helter-Skelter, a Venetian Carousel and bars suitable for the whole family.


Blackpool Central Pier

best things to do in blackpool
Image taken by Nathan Staz


The Big Wheel, a popular attraction at Central Pier, has earned a place in Blackpool’s hall of fame. Thrill seekers can take a ride on the Big Wheel to take in the seaside sights, then move on to the numerous fairground rides and games, food stalls stocked with sugary treats, and the most arcades of all 3 piers.

In the night, the Central Pier Big Wheel in Blackpool is illuminated.


Blackpool South Pier

The Laughing Donkey is a family-friendly bar located at the South Pier that offers free, live entertainment. But its main draw is the Adrenalin Zone, made for those who seek out thrills. This zone has rides like the SkyCoaster, Skyscreamer, and Reverse Bungee—which are just as intense as they sound!


The Promenade at Blackpool

what to do in blackpool
Image taken by Francis Heathcote


The promenade in Blackpool is full of attractions and activities for visitors. It is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike, with a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment. From a stroll along the beach to a ride on the famous Blackpool Tower Eye, the promenade is a great place to spend time and make memories.

Take a walk along the Victorian-style boardwalk and experience special Blackpool sights!

Blackpool’s most popular activities and events are mainly focused on its Victorian promenade, which is constantly filled with both tourists and locals. This promenade is divided into three sections – North Shore, Central, and South Shore. North Shore is the oldest, stretching from the North Pier to Bispham and has not changed much since its Victorian inception. However, much of the resorts attractions can be found in the Central and South Shore areas.

Visitors to the Promenade are sure to be impressed by Comedy Carpet, an ode to Blackpool’s long history of entertainment. It is situated on the headland in front of Blackpool Tower and covers an area of 2200m² with thousands of granite letters set in concrete. These inscriptions include the words of many comedians and entertainers, both old and new.

Heading south from South Pier, you won’t be able to miss the Promenade Show. It’s an outdoor art display, consisting of 10 pieces. The most impressive is the enormous dance hall mirror ball, covered in 47,000 mirrors that rotate slowly. It’s a stunning spectacle when the sun is shining.

During high tide, one of the most remarkable features of the area is the High Tide Organ – a set of organ pipes attached to the sea wall that is ‘played’ by the pressure of the water pushing air up them.

The Victorian Promenade in Blackpool, UK is a popular spot for visitors. This area, built in the Victorian era, has become a major tourist attraction in the region and has a unique atmosphere. People come from all around to explore the area and take in its rich history and culture.

Rather than walking along the Promenade, you can take in the sights with a horse-drawn carriage. And if you have a little girl who loves to feel like a princess, a pink fairy-tale carriage is available to rent!

If you’re looking for an affordable, historical experience, why not book a ticket for the Heritage Trams? You can choose between a ride for the North & Pier or for the Promenade – both of which can feature trams up to one hundred years old. Prices are quite low, so if you have a few days in Blackpool, you might even be able to do both.

During your autumn visit to Blackpool, be sure to attend the World Fireworks Championships, a free event that occurs every Friday night in September. Teams from all over the world participate and put on spectacular displays combining pyrotechnics and music.

Be Cautious: On the Promenade in Blackpool, be on the lookout for the seagulls. They won’t hesitate to swoop in and snatch your lunch right out of your grasp!

Among the most well-known attractions in the area are Blackpool Madame Tussauds, Blackpool SEA LIFE, and Ripley’s.

Explore the most sought-after tourist destinations and entertaining family outings along Blackpool Promenade!

There are plenty of exciting and special activities to do in Blackpool, as well as many other amusing attractions along the Promenade. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Visitors to Blackpool can also explore some of the town’s most popular indoor attractions, including Madame Tussauds wax museum, Blackpool SEA LIFE aquarium, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! a museum of oddities. These attractions are ideal for those visiting during the colder season or when the weather isn’t the best, and they’re all located along the Promenade near Blackpool town centre.

For those who want more than just a stroll along the Blackpool Promenade, there are two go-karting courses (one by South Shore and one at Bispham) and a great many amusement arcades.

A visit to Madame Tussauds in Blackpool is a must for Beatles fans. Sea Life makes for a great family outing in Blackpool.


Excitement at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

One of the most loved Blackpool attractions on offer is Blackpool Pleasure Beach. At Blackpool Pleasure Beach, visitors can experience thrills and excitement like no other. It is a fun-filled amusement park with numerous attractions.

Head to Blackpool for an exciting day of amusement park fun with your family!

Since 1896, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been a well-known amusement park. One of its main attractions is the Big One, which is the tallest and steepest rollercoaster in the UK. It’s a thrilling experience, with the breathtaking sight from the top and the incredible speed of the first descent.


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Blackpool Pleasure Beach stands at the South Promenade and is the most densely packed amusement park globally in terms of the number of rides it houses. Its attractions have been constructed in close proximity, allowing you to have easy access to them all! It caters to all ages, with thrilling rides and classic attractions, as well as Nickelodeon Land, devoted to providing an enjoyable experience for kids.

The Pleasure Beach is renowned for having the most wooden rollercoasters in the UK and the oldest ride in Europe – Sir Hiram Maxim’s Captive Flying Machine – which was opened in 1904. Upon exiting this ride, you’ll find a gift shop with a glass window that allows you to observe the original mechanism that powers the ride. Additionally, you can view some interesting black and white photos of the first people to experience the ride.

It is important to know that: When visiting the amusement park, you can purchase a wristband that will give you unlimited access to rides for the day. During peak days and times, queues are usually long, so the park offers a Speedy Pass that allows you to hold a place in line and be notified when it is your turn to ride. For those who want to stay at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, there are two hotels- the Big Blue Hotel and the Boulevard Hotel- that offer packages that include tickets for entry.

Suggestion: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience Valhalla, one of the most massive indoor rides in the world. Be aware that a few of the rides will get you wet, so it is highly advisable to pack a lightweight waterproof in your bag. Although you can purchase plastic ponchos at the park, they are quite pricey!

Suggestion: It’s a good idea to look at the Pleasure Beach website before your visit, since there are sometimes exclusive activities such as Late Night Riding, fireworks, or special days like Halloween.


The Sandy Shoreline of Blackpool

Blackpool beach is a stunning location that is renowned for its sandy shoreline.

Spend a day at the seashore (just observe the ocean’s ebb and flow!).

When the sun is out, the beach of Blackpool, one of the UK’s most popular resort towns, turns into the ideal place to spend the day. The expansive stretch of sand provides plenty of room for activities such as constructing sandcastles, going for a paddle, sunbathing, and playing with the family. The beach also features 7 miles of clean, flat sand, making it the perfect choice for a day at the shore.

At Central beach, you can see the famous Blackpool donkeys, patiently waiting to provide rides for kids. This custom has its roots in the Victorian era, and the donkeys in the present day have Victorian-style names on their harnesses. The equines are taken care of with stringent regulations pertaining to the weight they can bear.

When you go in the northern direction, the area of the beach located past the North Pier becomes much calmer. It is usually a spot for people who take their dogs for a stroll (dogs are prohibited from the primary beach between May and September).

It is important to be aware that there are no sunbeds or chairs that can be rented at the beach, thus if you want to sit, you will have to either bring your own seating or bring a towel to use.

Suggestion: It’s a good idea to consult the tide times before visiting to ensure you will be able to experience the beach in its full glory. When the tide is in, the water reaches the edge of the promenade making the beach practically disappear!


Illumination Spectacle of Blackpool

For me out of all the Blackpool attractions on offer, the Blackpool Illuminations stands out. The resort of Blackpool is renowned for its annual illumination spectacle, where millions of lights are illuminated throughout the town. This spectacular event is celebrated each year and draws in visitors from all across the country.


Behold the most spectacular light show – and it’s free!

A stunning event, the Blackpool Illuminations, began in 1879 with just 8 carbon arc lamps. Every autumn this display was repeated and has progressed and taken shape to the breath-taking sight it is today – a 6-mile line of lights and animated scenes that line the Promenade, from Starr Gate in the south to Bispham in the north.

Every night, usually from late August to early November, the resort of Blackpool uses more than one million bulbs to create an eye-catching light show. This extended tourist season is longer than the majority of other seaside towns in Britain.

When the Illuminations – also called ‘The Lights’ – are on, the best way to view them is on a special illuminated tram. These trams run from near Blackpool Pleasure Beach and travel to Bispham and back. Additionally, there are stops along the return route if you want to disembark sooner.

The Blackpool Illuminations light show is a popular attraction in Blackpool. It provides an amazing spectacle of colour and light which is sure to capture the imagination of all who visit Blackpool. The lights create an unforgettable experience.

The Illuminations can be enjoyed to the fullest by taking a leisurely walk down the Promenade while enjoying fish and chips.

At certain times of the year, the Lightpool Festival is combined with the Illuminations and visitors can observe light-based shows and artworks scattered throughout the resort, as well as amazing 3D designs projected onto the Blackpool Tower.

HINT: If you plan to take a drive through Illuminations on the weekend, it’s suggested to travel from north to south, as that route generally has less traffic.


A Day at the Sandcastle Waterpark

Visiting the Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark promises to be an enjoyable day out for the whole family. With a variety of attractions, there is something to suit everyone’s taste. From thrilling water slides to relaxing lazy rivers, there is something to keep visitors entertained all day long. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure or a leisurely day in the sun, the Sandcastle Waterpark is the perfect destination.

Experience a fun-filled day at the Sandcastle Waterpark with swimming, splashing, and sliding!

Visitors to Blackpool often anticipate taking a dip in the sea, but the British weather can be unreliable. Thankfully, the Sandcastle Waterpark is located on the seafront at South Beach and is open all summer long, so visitors can always get a great experience. This waterpark is also accessible during selected dates in the winter.

Visiting the Sandcastle – one of the largest waterparks in the United Kingdom – is like entering a completely different atmosphere! Warmed to a balmy 84°F (29°C), it’s the ideal spot to slip into a bathing suit and enjoy some (or all) of the 18 thrilling rides! There’s something for everyone- water cannons and mini slides for the younger ones, and white-knuckle rides for the older kids and adults in the Hyperzone. And here, you’ll find the Master Blaster – the longest indoor coaster waterslide in the world!

If you’d rather not go on the slides, there is a wave pool and plenty of other places to sit back and enjoy. Adults 18 and over can take advantage of the spa, and a cafe is available with drinks, hot food, and snacks.

It’s useful to be aware: One of the issues that can arise when visiting a waterpark is what to do with your money! At The Sandcastle, they provide a Cashless Splashcash Wristband system, which involves buying a wristband, loading it with the desired amount of cash, and then using it to purchase food and drinks throughout the course of the visit. Any remaining funds on the wristband will be refunded.

Suggestion: If you choose to only watch the children while they are at the waterpark, you will need to buy a ticket for yourself. Keep in mind that the temperature inside the waterpark is kept at a tropical level, so be sure to dress appropriately.

Looking for family fun in Blackpool with the kids? The Sandcastle Waterpark is an ideal destination!


Stanley Park

Stanley Park in Blackpool is a place of beauty and is on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of England. It has been given the prestigious Grade II listing and is renowned for its popularity, with a staggering two million visitors each year. Its excellence was recently highlighted for the second time in three years, as it was voted the UK ‘s best park. It is not difficult to comprehend why it has been so successful!

This park is huge at 390 acres and offers a wonderful day of exploration and activity. It is an ideal place to spend an entire day.

For those passionate about horticulture, the Blackpool park is a delightful place to explore, with a range of different plants to admire, not least the impressive flowerbeds of the Italian Garden, which also boasts a lovely marble fountain. In the east of the park lies a tranquil boating lake, with ornamental bridges, where ducks, swans and other waterfowl can be seen. On a warm day, you can hire a boat or pedalo, listen to the birdsongs, and relax in the sunshine!

The south of the park offers various activities for kids, such as a big playground, trampolines, a putting green, and a BMX track. Brave family members can also experience the high ropes course, provided they book tickets ahead. Not to worry if some members of the family are apprehensive, as the course also includes a low ropes option for the more timid or younger children. Following a pleasant stroll by the lake, this is definitely an exciting way to spend the afternoon.

The park is home to some spectacular architecture, one of its most remarkable features being the Cocker Clock Tower, complete with two bronze lion-head drinking fountains. Additionally, you can find an amphitheater with a bandstand, where you can sit in the summer and sometimes be lucky enough to hear a live show. If you’re looking for something to eat, the Art Deco Cafe offers snacks – be sure to check out the two Medici lion statues at its entrance!

Something to remember: Admission to Stanley Park is free; however, some activities may require an additional cost. If you need to feed the feathered friends, birdseed can be purchased from the concession stand located next to the lake.

The boating lake located in Stanley Park in the town of Blackpool, UK.


Blackpool’s Model Village & Gardens

The Model Village & Gardens in Blackpool is a popular attraction for visitors to the resort. With its miniature buildings and landscaped gardens, it has become a favourite spot for families from all over the UK. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the village and take in its sights or explore the gardens and take in the beauty of nature. The village also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, from summer concerts to Christmas parties.

Experience a sense of enormity at the diminutive Blackpool Model Village!

For those seeking respite from the seaside commotion of Blackpool, the Blackpool Model Village and Gardens is an excellent choice of activity. It provides a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors with extra time on their hands.

The Blackpool Model Village is right next to Stanley Park, and is ideal for families with smaller kids, but adults are sure to have a great time too!

This attraction is set on 2 1/2 acres of landscaped gardens and it features a variety of models of village scenes along with their inhabitants. Examples range from a Cornish fishing village to a Scottish castle and a Tudor settlement. For railway enthusiasts, there is also a model railway and a working one that goes through the main village, and guests can ride it. A map and quiz to ensure you don’t miss a thing is also provided.

It is worth noting: The Blackpool Model Village & Gardens are available for visitors every day of the year, excluding winter. To obtain the most accurate information regarding opening times, please refer to their website.

If you have children accompanying you on your trip to Blackpool, then you should investigate Blackpool: Peter Rabbit ™ Explore and Play. It is worth taking a look.


Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Zoo offers a wide array of wildlife and fun activities for visitors to enjoy.

Experience the wildlife at the renowned Blackpool Zoo!

Blackpool zoo is a great destination for a family outing and is consistently rewarded with awards. It is among the top activities to partake in during any time of the year in Blackpool.

Blackpool Zoo is the only one in the northwest that has a gorilla house; it spans 37 acres of British parkland, and it is level which is great for wheelchair users. It holds over 1300 animals, including big cats, elephants, wolves, giraffes, and orang-utans


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Useful information: The Playbarn, a great soft play centre, is situated in the zoo grounds. It is not included in the zoo and to visit you need to buy a separate ticket from the one for the zoo.

The Zoo is open every day excluding Christmas Day and has both a cafe and coffee shop, or visitors are welcome to bring their own picnic.


Blackpool Live Events

Going to concerts or shows can be a great way to spend an evening.

Blackpool has an exciting cultural atmosphere that’s worth experiencing!

When you’re in Blackpool, you’ll never find yourself short of things to do! It’s a great idea to see if there are any entertainment events taking place while you’re in town if you’re visiting for a few days.

The Grand Theatre and the Winter Gardens, which includes the Opera House, are two historical entertainment attractions situated in the town of Blackpool. These are conveniently located in the town centre, just a short distance away from the Promenade.

Inaugurated in 1894, the Grand Theatre was built to be the “most beautiful theatre in the country”. Its cantilever style helps to hold up the four levels without a lot of columns, allowing visitors to have an unobstructed view of the stage. Watching a show at “the grand Grand” grants you the opportunity to take in the amazing construction, which features a Baroque ceiling, cherubs, and gilded stucco.

A Grade II listed structure, the Winter Gardens is one of Europe’s largest entertainment centres. Constructed in 1878, the venue offers a wide range of festivals, exhibitions, shows and competitions. The building is worth a visit, even if you don’t plan on attending a show, just to admire its stunning architecture. The Mazzei Cafe is also there, offering a delicious Afternoon Tea.


Marton Mere Nature Reserve


Take a break from the chaos of Blackpool Pleasure Beach and appreciate the beauty of nature!

Marton Mere Nature Reserve, a tranquil and gorgeous area, is only 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Blackpool’s Promenade, even though it may seem like a million miles away.

Visitors of all ages are welcome to come to this fantastic reserve, which is free to access and open 365 days a year. The landscape is mostly flat, and consists of open water, reed beds and grasslands. Because of its large bird population, this reserve has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

You can quickly pass a sunny afternoon by going along the specified trails and attempting to identify the wildlife in the region. You might be lucky enough to observe otters, herons, bats, and other creatures, in addition to plenty of dragonflies and butterflies.

Useful advice: Although Marton Mere is close to the city, the bus route can be complicated, and it is much more efficient to drive there or take a taxi.

Suggestion: Put on suitable footwear since the nature preserve may be wet and bring your own refreshments and snacks since there is no cafeteria.


The Grundy Art Gallery

Make your way to Grundy Art Gallery to view the displays.

Nestled near the Promenade in Blackpool, the Grundy Art Gallery is a lesser-known gem.

The gallery in Blackpool is renowned for its variety of art pieces from both acclaimed and up-and-coming artists, alongside notable works borrowed from prestigious British institutions. It is dedicated to investigating the city’s vibrant pop culture and its unique cultural past, making it a pioneer in the field of visual arts in the northwest.


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Car Boot Sales

Going to a car boot sale is similar to going to a flea market, but instead of having stalls, traders sell their wares from the trunks of their cars, usually in an open area. This is a very popular event in Britain and makes for a great morning out. Not only can you find some amazing deals and old items, but there are usually food stalls and a bouncy castle for the kids to enjoy.

Blackpool holds two significant car boot sales on weekends during the spring and summer, as long as the climate allows it. Every Sunday the Whyndyke Farm Car Boot Sale is open and can be accessed near junction 4 of the M55. The biggest boot sale, which is held at Norcross Lane, is a 10-minute drive away from the Promenade and is available every Saturday, Sunday, and Bank Holiday Monday from March to October.

Advice: Begin your boot sale excursion early, as early as 7 am, for the best selection of items at the lowest prices!


A Night of Laughter in Blackpool

Experience the funniest night out that Blackpool has to offer!

Spend the night at one of Blackpool’s top live comedy venues!

The Comedy Station Comedy Club, only for adults, is located across from one of the entrances of the Blackpool Tower and is highly regarded for its night-time entertainment in Blackpool.

A combination of budding comedians from the British comedy world, as well as well-known performers from the stage and TV, is sure to make this evening an enjoyable one!

Important Details: This club is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, with a full bar.


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When it comes to Blackpool, there is no shortage of places to sight-see and activities to partake in. Additionally, there are many great places to visit in the vicinity of Blackpool. With so many great things to do in Blackpool, you cannot do them all in one day.


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