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Skegness Butlins Review A Skegness Holiday Everyone Should Experience

Skegness Butlins Review   Skegness Butlins needs no introduction. When Billy Butlin opened Butlins Skegness on 11th April 1936, he revolutionized the UK Staycation industry. Thanks...

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Welcome To Staycations In The UK

Welcome to the Staycations in the UK blog, the travel blog that brings you ideas for a staycation. The Staycation UK industry is booming. There are some cool places to stay in the UK, and that is why more people are taking a UK holiday. 

UK holidays have become more popular than ever. The UK staycation industry is booming with 50% of the population preferring Staycations in the UK to International Travel. People are swapping beach holidays abroad to UK getaways, which is great news for the UK tourism industry.

A holiday in England has become more affordable over the years. We did go through a period where holidays in UK seaside resorts became expensive. This lead to people shunning British holidays and going abroad. Thankfully, holiday parks, hotels, and guest houses seen sense, and now a UK getaway is a more affordable and better option than going abroad.

There are lots of great staycation ideas for family holidays. With so many people preferring popular UK seaside holidays and top UK staycations compared to the hassle of flying abroad, I have put together some great ideas for holidays in the UK. There are so many cool places to stay in the UK, from popular UK seaside resorts with sea view hotels, to adventure holidays such as mountain walking, camping in the hills, to boating holidays. My UK travel blog intends to help you find ideas for affordable staycations in the UK and great days out in England.

Travel experts believe that with UK staycations being more affordable for families, the UK holiday industry will continue to boom. I must agree. There are lots of top UK staycation resorts to choose from, many of which people have never thought about visiting. Cornwall is one of them. It has some of the best UK seaside resorts.

Even though I have been on lots of British holidays, there are still places in the UK that I have never visited. Only a small percentage of the population have visited all the UK seaside resorts which is a shame. There are so many cool to places to stay in the UK and visit such as Great Yarmouth. I hope my UK travel guides will encourage you and more people to add some of those destination on their UK bucket list.

If you are planning your next staycation UK, then let our UK travel blog team help and inspire you.

UK Staycations Visit The Coast

Holidays In The UK

We have the luxury to choose a holiday in the UK or abroad with full pay from our employers. However, that was not always the case. Workers never had the right to have a paid holiday. England brought in the right to have paid holiday leave in 1939. By 1975, employees were given two weeks paid leave to have a British holiday or a holiday abroad.

Although UK getaways were always popular, the real change came when Butlins was formed and attracted people to have a family holiday. England first holiday camp was founded in 1936 by Billie Butlin. The founder of Butlins built his first UK camp in Skegness, Lincolnshire, where it is still there today. This changed the British holiday scene and encouraged more people to have family holidays.

British seaside holidays started to become popular after the war. Depending on where you lived, would determine where you would take holidays in the UK. People living in Manchester, or Liverpool, would go to Blackpool or Morecambe. Those that lived in Leeds would go to either Scarborough or Filey, while Londoners would go to Brighton or Margate.

Due to the success of Butlins, Skegness, and how popular British holidays had become, Billie Butlin built more holiday camps in the 1960s in Minehead, Bognor Regis, and Barry Island. This encouraged more families to have a UK staycation, but sadly what Billie Butlin did not see, was how holidays abroad would affect the British holiday industry.

Most families especially the working class had a family holiday in England due to going abroad was too expensive. However, Sir Freddie Laker brought in cheap flights and cheap package holidays so working-class families could go abroad for a holiday. England holidays started to become heavily affected.  

In the 1970s a holiday in the UK became less popular. With cheap flights and package holidays, people started to turn their backs on holidays in the UK. Butlins which was now under new owners (Rank Organisation) struggled to attract families for a holiday in the UK. They closed their first holiday camp in 1982. British holidays continued to become less popular which resulted in more closures of Butlins holiday camps.

With British holidays becoming less attractive, UK getaways like Morecombe, Margate, and Brighton suffered. However, even though many UK holiday destinations like Morecambe never recovered, the UK tourism industry did fight back. Caravan parks or holiday parks as they are more commonly called, brought people back to have a UK holiday. England today has more than 2000 holiday parks.

The COVID pandemic made English holidays popular again. With people not being able to go abroad due to the pandemic, they were forced to have a British holiday. This resulted a boom for the staycation UK industry. Now, thanks to people finding new holiday places in the UK for a family holiday, that boom continued after the pandemic. Now, more people are taking holidays in England and Wales due to affordability, and convenience.

With new investments in UK seaside resorts, and with there being so many cool places for holidays in the UK, more people are now appreciating that they don’t have to fly abroad for a great family holiday. UK holidays are not only more affordable than flying abroad, but they also take out the stress of airport delays and going through customs.

Some of the best holiday destinations UK has to offer in my opinion are in Scotland, Cornwall, Norfolk, and Yorkshire. Some of my best holidays in England have been in Great Yarmouth, and in the Lake District. A recent newspaper report agreed with some of my favourite UK holiday destinations when they wrote that the most popular holidays in England are in Devon, Cornwall and Dorset, the Lake District, the Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales, East Anglia and Scotland.

If you are looking to have holidays in the UK and want ideas on the best holiday places in UK for romantic breaks and family holidays, then please keep reading my Staycations In The UK blog. I will bring you British holiday reviews, as well as reports on UK holiday destinations and romantic holidays in England for special occasions.

Britain's Best Staycation Destinations

There are some cool places to stay in the UK from seaside resorts, weekend getaways to some of the best hotels in England. A holiday in the UK does not have to be expensive. A holiday in England has become more affordable with hotels competing against each other, and holiday parks trying to attract more guest. Thanks to the strong competition, 2023 is going to be another great and affordable year for people wanting to have a holiday in England.

I have stayed at some of Britain’s best staycation resorts and some of the best hotels in England, and that is why I have put together what I believe to be the best ideas for staycations in the UK for a great affordable holiday.

Cornwall. The best holiday in England in my opinion is Cornwall. It does not matter if you are looking for a weekend getaway in the UK to a family holiday, Cornwall should be your first choice.

Who needs a holiday abroad when you have everything you need in Cornwall. With some of the best beaches in the UK and great places to stay including Newquay, and St Ives, Cornwall is my number one choice Britain’s best staycation destination.

Devon. My first holiday in the UK as a child was in Devon. My parents got fed up with going on Spanish holidays and wanted to try a holiday in England. Devon is great for beach holidays and hiking holidays. Some of my favourite places in Devon for a family holiday is Torquay, Paignton, Dawlish, Exmouth and Woolacombe.

Lake District. One of the best UK holiday destinations for an all-round holiday is the Lake District. It is a beautiful place to visit and one which offers so much. From a relaxing holiday to hiking and adventure. No matter what type of holiday in England you want, the Lake District has it all.

Norfolk Broads. If you are looking for staycation ideas for a romantic weekend break to a family holiday, then the Norfolk Broads is a great choice. From boating holidays, a beach holiday, or a holiday by the water, the Norfolk Broads is a great choice.

These are just some of my best ideas for a staycation in the UK.

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